Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ode to Love......Shelby Love

Block 0

Well, the road to New York has changed a few times but I think I have the right direction now. After looking though my fabric, I realized this would be a great project for my roll of purples that I received from Shelby Love for my birthday last year. Thus... the Ode to Love!!

Block 1

It has been kind of a shaky start as my patterns did not print off as the exact size they should be but at least they will all be the same WRONG size. I plan to make a table runner out of them.

Block 2

So with some contracting and complimentary colors, I am working my way through the blocks. 

Block 3

They will all require some squaring up for sure.

Block 4

I really am loving how the split thorns on the crowns appear to be shadowed with the color choices.  For a completely different and beautiful look at the same patterns go to the Block Party Guild and have a look at Tracey Holzer's. Amazing!! After some nudging, she decided to give her hand a try at this Quilt Along and is doing such a great job. Love her color choices - very stunning!!

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