Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poppies and Paper Piecing

Well, I finished my Poppies (Miranda) bag. There is something to be said when living in remote Saskatchewan. You don't always have access to those little things such as handles to complete a project so you just have to wait for a trip to the city. You could always order it online but sometimes it's just the need to feel what it will be like to hold in your hand. So when I found some handles, I bought two pairs!!

When I brought my new creation down to show my husband, he said 'I thought you were making a purse?' 'Yes' I replied. He said 'That's a suitcase!!' I replied 'You never know what you need to carry when on a vacation. You know....sunglasses, passports, .....flippers!' Men just don't understand but still expect you to 'have' it in your purse!!

I had a couple of epiphanies while paper piecing my NYB Tablerunner that I thought might be of some help for future projects
  • Be generous with your fabric - there is nothing more irritating than flipping it over and it does not cover!
  • Use a small rotory cutter - easier getting in and around some of those small seams
  • Small stitches - makes removing the paper easier and the seams will not come apart
  • Spray starch the piece as you iron to prevent stretch
  • As I told my girlfriend - Its like childbirth!! Push through it - IT IS PAINFUL at the beginning but well worth the end product!!
  • And if all else fails - take a break for some chocolate. Calms the nerves!!


  1. NINE Snowy Owls?!!! I think my poor sister would have gone into cardiac arrest if we found that many! Lucky you. Isn't it just such a beautiful bird?!


    1. I was just showing my son your post about the owls and he said I just saw one on my way over! They seem to appear when you aren't even expecting them!


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