Saturday, March 3, 2012

Well, I decided to get my hair chopped off yesterday!! It is only might grow back but at my age who can wait. I gave my hairdresser total freedom and she was estatic to have the creative freedom. Before you know it the whole shop was laughing and having a good time. I said I know most people ask for a little off the top but we went right to the wood!! I am sure the cows are going to run moooing today as they are going to wonder who the *#$#^ that is?? It was nice to give someone else creative freedom as I know that is what I have been striving for myself in my quilting.

So here is my Southwest quilt I made after our shopping trip to Bismark in November. I worked on this one at Kenosee Retreat and quilted it myself........

So don't look too close at the quilting!!

I am going to participate in the New York Beauty Quilt Along with Sew Sweetness which starts on March 8, 2012. I did Block 0 yesterday. Trying to think outside the box.... you know... be creative but I am not sure stripes go with this pattern!! Time will tell.....

Block 0 - New York Beauty Quilt Along


  1. Heh, looks great! and I remember what else I was going to tell you on the phone on Friday. Could we change our Glendive trip to the last week of March? That would give Terry the opportunity to go. Our other option would be to go on a Saturday.

    1. Either time works for me! I will check with Terry.


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