Monday, May 28, 2012

Dragonfly Day


B day gift from Noelle

Our quilt group recently dicussed how a blog had featured story about how packaging of fabric your receive in the mail makes such a difference.

 When 'packaged' well, it feels like such a gift.

A gift you bought yourself but none the less, a gift!

My girlfriend recently came back from a trip to Europe.

For my birthday, she sent over this beautiful bag filled with....
not crystal.
Something more special than that!

Three of my favorite things!

I love purple tulips(this one from Holland), dragonflies, and making soap.

I have looked at buying the dancing dragonfly book a couple of times but never bit the bullet.
Thanks Terry!!
We truly do know each other!!

My daughter gave me this pretty package.

What a cute way to present a piece of jewelry.

So it definately was a 'dragonfly' filled day.

Cake, mojitos, family and freinds were all enjoyed.

I even fit in some stitching and sewing!!!

Thanks for all the B day wishes and gifts!!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's My Birthday....It's My Birthday......

Yup...I am 44 today.

Half way through my life...presuming I am going to live to 88.


I have to say that even if I died tomorrow I have had an extremely awesome life already.

My BFF,Arnold
I have had the opportunity to marry my best friend who has blessed me with three incredible kids and one angel in heaven who have brought us much joy.

They have all grown to be productive adults and are doing great.

I have spectacular parents who have made me into the person I am today.

They have raised me to have no fears and conquer what ever I set my goals to do.

They gave me sisters I could never have lived without.

I have made a bushel of amazing friends who have given me the best of times and lots of laughter and memories only senility could take away.

Terry,Me,Mom, Tannis,
Shannon, Larissa and Maryann

There is truly nothing more I could ask for to make my life more complete.

Three generations


 I will take every birthday that rolls around.....

 as my list of projects are not getting smaller and I wouldn't wish that mess on anyone!!

So since it is raining and windy today ...

I will give my best shot at finishing Candy Cane Clothesline!!

(that's alot of candles to blow out)


Thursday, May 24, 2012

We're Not in Kansas Anymore....

On Tuesday, May 22, 2012, my son and I were quickly unload the truck as a storm was coming in quickly, when I noticed a twister(starting to sound like a storm chaser) just south of our farm. 

We hurried and got inside.

Justin brushed it off but then we heard  about it later on the news.

 Here is a video of the tornado taken on the North Dakota side by some storm chasers.

This is the second time in my life witnessing a tornado that close.

It is so surreal you can't believe your eyes.

This is a picture of a storm over my house last August.

I was working in the field when my old dog came out and wanted me to go home.

 She was relentless and kept going in front of the tractor so I headed home and this is what I saw as I came down my lane!!

She knew!!

I hope this is not a sign of the summer we will be having!!

I have decided that my next project is going to be a redwork piece.

I did consider doing this one is another color but why mess with a good thing!!
My girlfriend, Maryann is doing this and I have admired it for sometime.

So I am starting with the candy cane clothesline.

I traced it on my white with an extremely fine red marker and a used fusible muslin on the back of my piece.
The girls at Out of Hand Needle Arts in Calgary suggested it to me.
 I used this for my 'Garden Growing' piece and really like the weight and feel of it. It is still light and airy but has some structure to it.
I think it also helps to hide the stitching on the back from showing through so much.

This is where I am so far.

With no more tornado sightings maybe I can complete this in time for Christmas!!

Looking for SUNNY skies...


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Duke and Elliott

 Another quilt block on a wall in Chantel's travels.

More motivaton to get mine done!!

Who are Elliott and Duke?

They are 1 year old brothers and the best of friends.

Elliott is always the mat and Duke is the sitter.

Duke should have been a city dog.

 He does not like to sit on the cold ground or get his paws dirty!!

He just hates dirt and mud!!

Not a day goes by that Duke is not sitting on Elliot...

even if Elliott objects!!

The new deck is in and ready for some sunshine and mojitos...

On the seeding front - Justin's CSA garden looks like a power line nightmare!

Everything is in.....Now let the growing begin!!!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Get Your Garden Growing!!

Well, I completed 2 plantings this week.

Our field crops.......

and my 'Garden Grows'.

I just love how tiny I made my name on the side.

On the purple front - my clematis.

Barely got leaves and went to blooming.That's what I like to see...production!!

The peck of purple petals are starting to look more like a posie of pansies.

My daughter went to Alberta for the long weekend and texted me this picture.

She said it made her think of me.

Well, mine is not as pretty OR complete. !!

But it is on the list!!

Justin also built some rock pillars this week, like mine.

The robins thought it was a great place to build a home.

The birds are bound and determined this year!!

Today's project is to resurface the deck where I hope to have at least one day this weekend to sip a mojito and read my recently acquired magazine!

I will share, Tracey!!

Don't work too hard - I  know I already have.....

after all...

isn't that why they call it the LONG weekend!!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everything Purple

Someone asked if purple was my favorite color.

 When I went to use the kitchen scissors this morning, I realized my rolling pin was also purple.
 It got me thinking IS it my favorite color?
Am I bias?

Sure.... I planted purple tulips...

My Cattails.... had to have some purple.

Is the color why I eat DairyMilk chocolate???

I would have to say it is the color I choose for the things I love.

Now Red... that is a different story!!

Red is the color I choose for the things I use every day like my cell phone, purse, curling iron, insulated water bottle and don't want to lose.

 I guess I 'see' red and love purple.

How do you use color in your life?

On another note.....

Look what I found on my tractor again!! Only they hurried and had eggs this time!! Isn't that the nicest shade of blue for an egg? I am beginning to think birds can see color.
 They think my green tractors are trees!

I am off to the city today. I hear the flowers calling my name.
I will try to buy some different colors this year.
Maybe something ... blue.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Quilted Field

Seeding is going well. A couple more days and that should be off the list!!

I  love the pattern the discers leave in the field. Looks like fancy crosshatched quilting.

 It was like the discovery channel in the field yesterday.

 There was a coyote that searched for dinner like a roomba vacuum and a bunch of little bunnies who were trying not be dinner.

The cherries are just starting to bloom.

Yes.. this is at my house.
 650 cherry trees.
Only been waiting FIVE years for them to finally do their thing!!

We had plenty of help seeding most of Justin's CSA garden. Just need to get the tomatoes in!!

I can't believe it is only Wednesday. Feeling like it should be the weekend already.

More seeding. Hauling cows to pasture and for a little excitement...

the vet is coming sometime today to pregcheck a couple cows!!

I should be ready for bed by noon.

Looking for some Red Bull....


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!!

Hope everyone is having a great Mother's Day.

I know I will.

I have spent this day doing worse things like PAILING faba beans into a discer.

Today should be a little less painfull.

My kids have come out to spend the day with me.......

some quality time... you know....

to help me....

tag calves, needle cows and brand cows.

My husband is in the field and tomorrow we can start to seed!! 

Yippeee... a crop.. can you imagine?
Green fields that will turn golden in the fall. Much better year than last year already!! 

My house is a DISASTER(see below pic for proof) and supper?? Not sure what we are going to have. Depends who still has energy to make something.

My kids and husband have spoiled me as always. The kids want their names changed for this post or remain nameless.
So George(a.ka.the oldest) gave me this beautiful box of flowers.
Sally(the middle one) brought lunch,supper and gift certificate for the green house
and Tom(the youngest) gave me an electric grease gun('s a great gift as I can't squeeze the regular one).
They were all great gifts... no need to remain in disguise!

The little blue frog was from Arnold. He glows in the dark. Might have to find him a spot on the nightstand...just kidding.

Thank you to my kids and husband.
Love yah!!

Sorry for the messy post
but I am having some 'me' time(having a drink... of water that is.. not what I would like right now) 
while the boys are changing a shovel with Arnold to get him going again ...
and then it's back to the cows!!

Here is a cute little guy we came across yesterday in our cattle hauling adventures.
We helped him to the other side. Those are Justin's hands...oh sorry...Tom.

Happy Mother's day to all!!
Wish it was not spent with cow moms,but duty calls.

Love yah, Mom!!

Glad we had Friday at the Quilt show!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prairie Piecemaker's Quilt Show

I have to start this one with our gracious host's quilt... none other than the wonderful Shelby Love.

Shelby did win a ribbon on another entry but my picture did not turn out.

Bravo to you, Shelby!!

Colleen Marcotte, Charlene Wimmer(and her cousin, Deb), Heather Cyr(my mom) and myself attended the show from our guild.

There were many familiar faces in the crowd.

There were over 200 quilts and 20 vendors so there was alot to see and do!!

A NYB possibility,Tracey!!

This one is for Jane Marcotte.

A little inspiration for your quilt! Heather of Heather's Quilting Palette did an amazing job on this crazy quilt.

Heather and Jane are two peas in a pod!

Love the celtic feel of this quilt and the colors!

Summer's coming!

Look how tiny this quilt is!
This is Colleen's gloved finger to give it scale. It was adorable.

This was our favorite embroidered piece. It was a block of the month from Australia.

Beautiful hand stitching!!

The Trunk show was in keeping with their gardening theme.
Each plate was prettied with a pot of soil and the flower seeds to plant as a gift.

Mine are watered and sunning as we speak.

Will let you know on their progress!

Roger Kerr of Quilting from the Heart in Camrose, Alberta was the first feature.

Roger and his wife Ardelle are huge fans of Judy Neimeyer quilts and have become certified teachers and store.

Roger used to be a dairy farmer.....
 turned quilter after his wife was complaining about not being able to find fabric locally and told his wife to 'Open a store!'

The rest is hi'story'!

  He referred to all his quilts as to how he 'built' them! His first two quilts each had over 5000 pieces in them and were all foundation pieced!!

Now who is crazy, Tracey?? He said he was certified all right!

Next was Patti Morris.

She was a nurse who turned quilter.

She was alot of laughs and made fun of all her mistakes. Most people say they did things on purpose but she did things to cover up mistakes.

And still, her work has won in national and international shows.
She is quite an intense art quilter.
Her work has been featured with Doctors Without Borders and has been comissioned by Red Deer to do a piece for their 100th anniversary!!

She played off her ability as just winging it but her work was amazing in the colors, detail and stitching.

Thanks for to Shelby for a great evening.

 It was a nice Mother's Day treat to spend it with my mom, Shelby and Colleen.

The sun is shining, my husband is in the field and I am going to haul some calves!

Happy Mom's Day to all!!