Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Duke and Elliott

 Another quilt block on a wall in Chantel's travels.

More motivaton to get mine done!!

Who are Elliott and Duke?

They are 1 year old brothers and the best of friends.

Elliott is always the mat and Duke is the sitter.

Duke should have been a city dog.

 He does not like to sit on the cold ground or get his paws dirty!!

He just hates dirt and mud!!

Not a day goes by that Duke is not sitting on Elliot...

even if Elliott objects!!

The new deck is in and ready for some sunshine and mojitos...

On the seeding front - Justin's CSA garden looks like a power line nightmare!

Everything is in.....Now let the growing begin!!!



  1. Christa, Did you know that I have never tasted a Mojito?? Just sayin'!!! Check out this site http://www.barnquiltinfo.com/ It has lots of great pics.

  2. Well,we may just have to allieviate that issue this summer!! My deck is nothiing like yours but i do have grass!! But once you start..... Thanks for the barn quilt site!!


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