Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everything Purple

Someone asked if purple was my favorite color.

 When I went to use the kitchen scissors this morning, I realized my rolling pin was also purple.
 It got me thinking IS it my favorite color?
Am I bias?

Sure.... I planted purple tulips...

My Cattails.... had to have some purple.

Is the color why I eat DairyMilk chocolate???

I would have to say it is the color I choose for the things I love.

Now Red... that is a different story!!

Red is the color I choose for the things I use every day like my cell phone, purse, curling iron, insulated water bottle and don't want to lose.

 I guess I 'see' red and love purple.

How do you use color in your life?

On another note.....

Look what I found on my tractor again!! Only they hurried and had eggs this time!! Isn't that the nicest shade of blue for an egg? I am beginning to think birds can see color.
 They think my green tractors are trees!

I am off to the city today. I hear the flowers calling my name.
I will try to buy some different colors this year.
Maybe something ... blue.


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