Sunday, May 20, 2012

Get Your Garden Growing!!

Well, I completed 2 plantings this week.

Our field crops.......

and my 'Garden Grows'.

I just love how tiny I made my name on the side.

On the purple front - my clematis.

Barely got leaves and went to blooming.That's what I like to see...production!!

The peck of purple petals are starting to look more like a posie of pansies.

My daughter went to Alberta for the long weekend and texted me this picture.

She said it made her think of me.

Well, mine is not as pretty OR complete. !!

But it is on the list!!

Justin also built some rock pillars this week, like mine.

The robins thought it was a great place to build a home.

The birds are bound and determined this year!!

Today's project is to resurface the deck where I hope to have at least one day this weekend to sip a mojito and read my recently acquired magazine!

I will share, Tracey!!

Don't work too hard - I  know I already have.....

after all...

isn't that why they call it the LONG weekend!!



  1. Your stitched garden looks fantastic. How do you know where to stitch. Its not like counted cross stitch, heh? and I'm excited to see the new magazine!!

  2. Thanks Tracey! I will show you how so you can be hooked,too!! I know you want another project!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!