Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's My Birthday....It's My Birthday......

Yup...I am 44 today.

Half way through my life...presuming I am going to live to 88.


I have to say that even if I died tomorrow I have had an extremely awesome life already.

My BFF,Arnold
I have had the opportunity to marry my best friend who has blessed me with three incredible kids and one angel in heaven who have brought us much joy.

They have all grown to be productive adults and are doing great.

I have spectacular parents who have made me into the person I am today.

They have raised me to have no fears and conquer what ever I set my goals to do.

They gave me sisters I could never have lived without.

I have made a bushel of amazing friends who have given me the best of times and lots of laughter and memories only senility could take away.

Terry,Me,Mom, Tannis,
Shannon, Larissa and Maryann

There is truly nothing more I could ask for to make my life more complete.

Three generations


 I will take every birthday that rolls around.....

 as my list of projects are not getting smaller and I wouldn't wish that mess on anyone!!

So since it is raining and windy today ...

I will give my best shot at finishing Candy Cane Clothesline!!

(that's alot of candles to blow out)



  1. Happy Birthday, Christa. 44 years left to go, heh? That's a lot of sewing!!!

    1. I already have the fastest machine in the west... how am I going to get everything done?

  2. Happy birthday! Add to your blessings your ability to write and photograph to create a fantastic blog. Your comment about friends with the mention of senility made me think of the birthday card I bought for a friend: "We'll be friends till we're old and senile! Then we'll be new friends!" Best wishes for an amazing year.

    1. Thanks for your comments!! There are many days I wonder if I am boring people out of their tree!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!