Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!!

Hope everyone is having a great Mother's Day.

I know I will.

I have spent this day doing worse things like PAILING faba beans into a discer.

Today should be a little less painfull.

My kids have come out to spend the day with me.......

some quality time... you know....

to help me....

tag calves, needle cows and brand cows.

My husband is in the field and tomorrow we can start to seed!! 

Yippeee... a crop.. can you imagine?
Green fields that will turn golden in the fall. Much better year than last year already!! 

My house is a DISASTER(see below pic for proof) and supper?? Not sure what we are going to have. Depends who still has energy to make something.

My kids and husband have spoiled me as always. The kids want their names changed for this post or remain nameless.
So George(a.ka.the oldest) gave me this beautiful box of flowers.
Sally(the middle one) brought lunch,supper and gift certificate for the green house
and Tom(the youngest) gave me an electric grease gun('s a great gift as I can't squeeze the regular one).
They were all great gifts... no need to remain in disguise!

The little blue frog was from Arnold. He glows in the dark. Might have to find him a spot on the nightstand...just kidding.

Thank you to my kids and husband.
Love yah!!

Sorry for the messy post
but I am having some 'me' time(having a drink... of water that is.. not what I would like right now) 
while the boys are changing a shovel with Arnold to get him going again ...
and then it's back to the cows!!

Here is a cute little guy we came across yesterday in our cattle hauling adventures.
We helped him to the other side. Those are Justin's hands...oh sorry...Tom.

Happy Mother's day to all!!
Wish it was not spent with cow moms,but duty calls.

Love yah, Mom!!

Glad we had Friday at the Quilt show!



  1. I was glad we had Friday at the quilt show too. When we met each other Saturday morning on the road - you pulling the cattle trailer and me pulling an annhydrous tank I thought, "Back to the real world for both of us".


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