Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Peck of Purple Petals

I worked on my Moda Garden Party quilt this weekend.

 I managed to get all 240 petals (which look like dresdan fan blades) sewn up.

That is a mess of petals to start arranging!!

This was my sample block but will be getting rearranged.

 I know I have always loved purple but when I was taking this photo, I realized anyone who owns a purple sewing chair really has a LOVE of purple!

And.. my indoor garden is coming right along. This has been an interesting passtime and a huge learning curve. I am NOT that good at embroidery... that is for sure!!

And this little number?

 Justin purchased this old jar of spools at an antique auction for me last week. Said it was an early Mother's Day gift.

Works for me!!

Some moms expect diamonds and flowers while others are happy with a jar of color!!

Sunny days,


  1. I too like purple, thus mauve walls in my quilt room. Love all those flowers, gonna be a beautiful quilt.

    1. My BFF always encourages me to get out of 'purple' but when you love what you love....why fight it!

  2. I love your colors for 'Peck of Petals'. The jar of thead is priceless!

    1. I am looking forward to the completed project. Hope it's not overwhelming!!

  3. A Peck of Purple Petals??? How do you think of this stuff? You have a much better imagination than me. Looks great. I need to get back at my machine, soon.

    1. Farming is really not my true calling...it's just a coverup!!


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