Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prairie Piecemaker's Quilt Show

I have to start this one with our gracious host's quilt... none other than the wonderful Shelby Love.

Shelby did win a ribbon on another entry but my picture did not turn out.

Bravo to you, Shelby!!

Colleen Marcotte, Charlene Wimmer(and her cousin, Deb), Heather Cyr(my mom) and myself attended the show from our guild.

There were many familiar faces in the crowd.

There were over 200 quilts and 20 vendors so there was alot to see and do!!

A NYB possibility,Tracey!!

This one is for Jane Marcotte.

A little inspiration for your quilt! Heather of Heather's Quilting Palette did an amazing job on this crazy quilt.

Heather and Jane are two peas in a pod!

Love the celtic feel of this quilt and the colors!

Summer's coming!

Look how tiny this quilt is!
This is Colleen's gloved finger to give it scale. It was adorable.

This was our favorite embroidered piece. It was a block of the month from Australia.

Beautiful hand stitching!!

The Trunk show was in keeping with their gardening theme.
Each plate was prettied with a pot of soil and the flower seeds to plant as a gift.

Mine are watered and sunning as we speak.

Will let you know on their progress!

Roger Kerr of Quilting from the Heart in Camrose, Alberta was the first feature.

Roger and his wife Ardelle are huge fans of Judy Neimeyer quilts and have become certified teachers and store.

Roger used to be a dairy farmer.....
 turned quilter after his wife was complaining about not being able to find fabric locally and told his wife to 'Open a store!'

The rest is hi'story'!

  He referred to all his quilts as to how he 'built' them! His first two quilts each had over 5000 pieces in them and were all foundation pieced!!

Now who is crazy, Tracey?? He said he was certified all right!

Next was Patti Morris.

She was a nurse who turned quilter.

She was alot of laughs and made fun of all her mistakes. Most people say they did things on purpose but she did things to cover up mistakes.

And still, her work has won in national and international shows.
She is quite an intense art quilter.
Her work has been featured with Doctors Without Borders and has been comissioned by Red Deer to do a piece for their 100th anniversary!!

She played off her ability as just winging it but her work was amazing in the colors, detail and stitching.

Thanks for to Shelby for a great evening.

 It was a nice Mother's Day treat to spend it with my mom, Shelby and Colleen.

The sun is shining, my husband is in the field and I am going to haul some calves!

Happy Mom's Day to all!!


  1. I'm going to have to figure out how many pieces are in that NYB quilt of mine. Any guesses?? Thanks for the pictures.

    1. count and let me know!!I think each NYB block has minimum of 10 pieces each times 90 blocks(if you go there)so that racks up there with....CRAZY!! But then I am right behind you. Can you say Farmer's Wife??

  2. Another observation I had about the show that I forgot to mention on the Crocus blog is that vendors seem to be going away from fat 1/4s and more to 1/2 meter cuts. Did you notice this?

    1. I did notice that also! I am expecting to see some new books out "5 1/2y cut quilts" or something like that! I thought that was different. I am sure it is all a marketing tactic!!


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