Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Quilted Field

Seeding is going well. A couple more days and that should be off the list!!

I  love the pattern the discers leave in the field. Looks like fancy crosshatched quilting.

 It was like the discovery channel in the field yesterday.

 There was a coyote that searched for dinner like a roomba vacuum and a bunch of little bunnies who were trying not be dinner.

The cherries are just starting to bloom.

Yes.. this is at my house.
 650 cherry trees.
Only been waiting FIVE years for them to finally do their thing!!

We had plenty of help seeding most of Justin's CSA garden. Just need to get the tomatoes in!!

I can't believe it is only Wednesday. Feeling like it should be the weekend already.

More seeding. Hauling cows to pasture and for a little excitement...

the vet is coming sometime today to pregcheck a couple cows!!

I should be ready for bed by noon.

Looking for some Red Bull....



  1. Beautiful cherry trees....and I saw you on your discers on my way home from Regina on Monday... I honked.


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