Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

My Plum trees are blooming.

And yes... my son already gave me heck 'cause my bike is not on the stand

Another sign of spring...

 is when you leave your tractor sit in the field for 2 days....

the birds mistaken it for a green tree and build a nest!!

Birds are amazing in their talent to weave a home out of sticks and fluff.
As a quilter, I think we can all appreciate the talent of birds to take scraps and make something beautiful and useful!!

Dawson and I spent another day in the tractor yesterday. Dawson thinks we are bunny hunting. We even saw a couple of baby bunnies and 3 legged coyote!!

Then it happened....there was a major oil line break!!!
(I expect breakdowns at all times)

So as I ( dismantling the tractor to repair the line and my HUSBAND ran for parts, I had this thought about how most of the time it is the WIFE that runs for the part and the man dismantles.

I thought about how greasy and messy this job is and how I would rather be quilting. So I think that is why I do quilt so much.
 It is the feminine side of my life.
I don't mind mechanical work. It is a challenge to me as I know NOTHING about fixing tractors but what do I have to lose??

It's broke anyways!!

But it is now fixed and I am back in the field today!!

Mechanic Christa


  1. Well done you! I can learn a couple of tricks with you.
    Yes, the birds will build their nest on almost anything that is standing still for more than a couple of hours!

    1. Thank you! It always shocks me when I can get things to work again!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your kind words but ALL women are amazing!!


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