Monday, June 4, 2012

Border in Order

It was an amazing weekend.

Beautiful weather and a bonfire with good friends.

I think summer is here.

At least the flowers are thinking so!!

I managed to get all the pansies together but I think it needs a border.

I want to tie in the flower centers with using some more to this dragonfly fabric.

Any suggestions for border ideas?

Sunny skies,



  1. Your Comumbine are beautiful. My blue/purple ones were beautiful as well this year. They are done blooming already and it seemed like a short season. I posted a photo on my blog: Http://
    We are having cool weather here in OH this week which is appreciated after the 94 degrees of Memorial Weekend.
    I love following your blog and really appreciate your family business!

    1. Thanks, Miss Carol!! You're flowers are equal gorgeous!! Love the blue/purple!! We may have to trade some seed!!

  2. You're gonna hate my opinion, BUT.....a small purple border that's the same size as your white flower sashing, but extended it through a larger final white border. And bind it in the same purple as the first border. Get it?? So a small purple border criss crosses a larger white one. I can draw it easier than explaining!!! and yesterday, no time to stop at the Prairie Rose.

    1. Thanks for the input and we will definately be looking at that on paper! I know you would not have time to go to the quilt store!! LOL

  3. And now for my second option inspired by Thelma at Cupcakes.....even worse than my first.....a small white border and then half flowers all around!!!

    1. Would these be the same flowers but only half as the centers?


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