Friday, June 1, 2012

Can you believe it is JUNE 1st today???

Come on, Summer!! Bring it on!!!

Winny and I got all the flowers planted and the pond running.

Now send some heat!!

Justin's CSA garden is doing amazing this year.

What is a CSA?

It is Community Shared Agriculture.

 Justin sells shares(1 share = one box) in his garden in exchange for a box of certified organic vegetables for 10-15 weeks through the summer as things become available.

It shares the risk between the farmer and the consumer in crop failure or success.

He includes recipes for the things he grows as he likes to grow unusual things sometimes.

He calls his company "The Organic Farmer Boy" and is in his 6th year of growing good food.

He also grows gladiolas for a local flower shop and farmer's market. He has grown as many as 7000.

This year, he cut back to 1800. Instead, he went wild with 900lb of potatoes.

A little like his mother...nothing in moderation...something to work on!

On the flower front inside.....Three more rows to go!!

But I think this one definately is calling for some type of border to complete it.

Candy Cane Clothesline stitched up!!

I am using a fusible muslin on the back called Presto Sheer.

 It helps to hide the stitches and give the white a brighter look.

My color choice for thread is DMC 815.

My girlfriend is using a much brighter color, DMC 347.

It will be interesting to see the contrast when the two projects are complete.

Got to go...the sun is shining!!



  1. You have either a large cat or a small bench! Added goldfish to the pond yesterday and caught my little dog fishing this morning!

    1. LOL! That is both!! It's a large cat on a very small bench that has seen better days!!

  2. Your son sounds very focused, I commend him for his hard work. He's part of the growing trend towards young farming entrepreneurs. We have two CSA in Smithers/Telkwa area.

    1. He definately loves growing things and eating good food!THank you, I will forward it on to him!!

  3. Purple petals is gorgeous, gorgeous! I was supposed to take Terry Emma's flimsy last night, but we were busy planting trees which is also the plan for today. Only the lilacs and tilling left to go. Looks good, though. One day soon I should get to sew.


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