Friday, June 15, 2012


Yesterday was spent OR wasted,

 depending on your theory of progess,

in Regina,Saskatchewan.

Mom and I went to every(and I do mean every) store looking for a convection/microwave oven


 a Chimney range hood like this one.


It's not like I went with a one track mind.

I am not TOO picky but know what I like.

What a frustrating day!!

No one knows ANYTHING!!!

 Salesmen tried to sell me a microwave that they SAID was convection but when I started to ask simple questions on how it worked it became very apparent that they did not have a clue!! 

But we did find a sink and some flooring.

So the hunt is on again today.

I think there may even be a contractor named 'Dad' swinging by to put up so gyproc today!!

In the therapy department,

I have managed to finish the holly banner and start the third snowman block!!

A girl's got to keep her sanity in this process!


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  1. I want to see pics of what your kitchen looks like today!!!


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