Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Demolition Day

I had to miss quilting yesterday.

It definately was a toss up as to where I would have rather been.

When the neighbours see the old grain truck pulled up to the house, I am sure they are saying 'OMG, She's at it again!!'

This is all that remains of my kitchen.

This is the last wall left to insulate so that calls for a new cupboards!!

For the past 4 summers, we have been upgrading our 90 year old house.

Dad and Max

A good contractor is hard to find but I am lucky to have the best dad.

My dad has been working magic with gyproc for 40 years and has worked his miracles on my house.

This was my utility room before....

and after!

Bathroom before.....

and after.

My sewing room in the middle of renos.

What used to be three bedrooms, has become one big and beautiful space.

I can't give you an after picture at the moment as my kitchen is living there right now.

I joke about how I have made my house warm and cozy and now I will be hot flashing and sewing with all the window open.
At least the windows open easy now!

This will be the SMALLEST reno we have ever done.

So stay tuned for progress...it won't be long before it is up and running!!

 I might just have some summer this year.

Going to suck up some dust!


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  1. I want to know if you hire your Dad out?
    Thanks for sharing all the before & after pictures. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!


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