Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dragonfly Day Continues...

It was a stormy and super windy day yesterday.

But it was a great day to try a pattern out of my new book from Terry Whitman.

Just one of my great B Day gifts!!

I made four of these dragonfly blocks which I will put on the corners of my Petals quilt.

 Thanks to Tracey for her suggestion on a border.

I am definately going to do it like that!! Stay tuned for the finished product in the NEAR future!!

I also received a surprise package in the mail.

Love surprises!!

It was a box filled with handmade cards, a mini purse and a book of inspirations!!

Thank you sooo much, Shelby!!

The holly banner has begun  in Winterwonder.

The sweet rockets are in full bloom.

The baby Killdeer are hatched.

Little powder puffs on sticks.

Summer is here!




  1. Your dragon flies are really, really nice. Hard to make?

  2. Having way too much fun, I'd say. Looks like summer has finally arrived in Bulkley Valley! love your colors...


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