Saturday, June 16, 2012

Let There Be....


My contractor.....

otherwise known as 'Dad' came over yesterday.

To transform a very crooked and ratty looking wall

into a piece of art!

I have to say...there is a hot tub at Audio Video that is speaking to me!!

I wonder if it goes with the new deck?

It really could add to the sightline from the kitchen...


I need find a microwave first.

 That way supper will cook faster and I would have more time to soak...

The hunt continues...



  1. Aren't those hot tubs AMAZING? I want one, too...and a pool...and grass.... I need you to refresh my memory on the Black Hills quilt stores. Which of them were the two best?? Maybe I can get to two.

    1. For sure - Hill City - Quilt Corral. If that's all you have time for that's the one. Forget Rapid City if you have to. Just tell Sabe your going on a 'canyon tour'!And yah - have the grass now need the pool and hot tub!!


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