Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Peony Queen

Of Torquay, Saskatchewan....that is!! 

Mrs. Jeanne Wanner

Mrs. Jeanne Marie Wanner

86 years young....

retired school teacher....

smart as the day is long....

memory like NO other......

MASTER gardener beyond!!

My kids worked for Jeanne for years.

 Jeremy and Justin planted and worked the yard and Chantel would clean for her.

Chantel just commented the other day how the smell of Fantastic signifies 'clean' to her from her years at Jeanne's.

During our peony tour on Saturday, she pointed out which plants Jeremy had planted and which Justin had.

This is where Justin got his love for gardening.

She said Justin was the first kid she had ever hired who knew the difference between a blade of grass and a day lily!!

Jeanne prides herself on her amazing peonies.

She had over sixty varieties and knows them by name like her own children.

It was an amazing garden tour!

On the home front, I finished baling yesterday just before the crazy storm!!

We got a start in the installation of the cupboards on Sunday.

Now the serious stuff begins....

But first it's tea with the quilting girls today!!
(not at my house thank goodness)



  1. Thank you for the lovely garden tour. I have never seen peonies in anyother color but pink. The peonies didn't last long here in OH this year. Crazy weather.
    Your kitchen is coming along nicely. Enjoy your tea with your quilting friends. I will be doing the same tomorrow.

    1. The white heritage peonies are my favorite. They smell incredible!

  2. Christa, between you and the Saskatchewanderer, I see the best of our province! Thanks for the peony tour. I read this right after I was feeling mighty proud of my 5 types of peonies (all with names unknown) as I was cutting them back. Pass on my "WOW!!" to Jeanne.

    1. Thanks,Brenda! Jeanne does have some amazing flowers. It's too bad that peonies don't last very long because they are amazing when they do!

  3. Yeh, your kitchen is coming along and thanks for the shots of beautiful peonies. We are still working on dandelions out here!


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