Friday, June 22, 2012

Spinning my Wheels....Literally

It's renos in the morning and haying into the night!!

Haying has begun.

I should finish cutting today and then start baling.

That is..... when I am not stuck.

 I am proud to say I made it out of that mud hole... barely.

We are two weeks ahead of schedule as the alfalfa weevil is eating the hay as fast as it can grow so it is now or never.

That is not bits of hay... that is the little bug doing all the damage!!

Times a couple thousand!!

Talk about camouflage in the hay.

On the kitchen front...The taping was complete yesterday.

A coat of primer last night and another of paint this morning!!

And as an added bonus to the mix....

 The cupboards have arrived!!

This wrapped package is like a butterfly at cocoon stage.

 It's going to be quite the transformation.

Better get to it!!
Got a few things to do!!


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  1. I'm so lucky that my husband lets me play in the mud.


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