Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Eveready Bunny

Or is he more of a Duracell?

Yesterday my daughter,Chantel was working on a battery site in the middle of no where when this little
kitten came out of the grass.

He is super friendly and was starving.

Chantel brought him home and wanted to call him Battery but I think it is going to be Duracell.

He's pretty cute and so happy to have a family.

Even Dawson has taken a liking to him.

I finally finished Justin's stain glass window for...
 his garden shed.

It was original to the little building and there wasn't much left of it but we managed to find some new glass and put it back together.

His 'garden shed' must have been the original house as it had a stove and windows and is build into a hill.

The original homesteaders were the Salte Family and they made this incredible rock wall and planted thousand of trees.

It's a beautiful yard and nice to see it appreciated again.

No one has lived in the yard since 1989.

It has come along ways in just a few short years of care again!!



  1. Hi Crista, I just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading a few posts. I thought I'd follow a blogger who shares my surname.....
    Mary Marcotte

  2. beautiful stained glass, christa.


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