Sunday, August 5, 2012

Barbeques and Baseball Games

The Cossette family reunion...

Baseball games

Face painting.. that's a holstein cow...

Hayrides to the old homestead....

Meals as a big family in the newly renovated milking shop.

That should explain the cow face painting!

Irene,Bob,Anton,Raymond, and Marie

Charles and Emma Cossette started this farm in 1943.

Their sons Raymond, Anton and Bob carried on with the operation for years till they passed it on to Raymond's son, Randy. 

But at last,
 2011 was Esta Holsteins dairy's final year. 

With farm labour so difficult to find and the work so long and hard, it was decided to sell the cows and quota.

An end to an era but a new beginning for Randy and Penny Cossette.

Randy has remodeled the Milking parlour into an amazing shop which he was kind enough to allow us the use of  for the family reunion.

 They thought of everything!!

And I do mean everything!

A great time was had by all!!
Thank you for a great weekend!!


On this farm,

behind this gate...

 is a secret garden.

This incredible creation is the work of Bob and Carol Cossette.

 An amazing oasis right in the middle of the farm.

Between plants and pond, there are little treasures everywhere.

From rose gardens....

 to a Bell from Texas...

Gardens galore...

A sunny spot to rock....

And a fire pit....

Amazing hydrangeas...

To my favorite spot....

Are we in Saskatchewan??

Who needs to go on a vacation with a backyard like this.

All I can say is INCREDIBLE!!

Thank you, to Bob and Carol Cossette for the tour.

May I suggest a career in Landscaping now that you have alittle time on your hands?

Totally in awe...Christa


  1. Holy smokes! Maybe Carol can come spend some time at my yard! How is she with grass??!!

  2. Beautiful!! I want a garden like that.


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