Thursday, August 30, 2012

Done....Just saying!!

Harvest...that is!
When this monster showed up, it made quick work of the last of harvest!!

My son, Justin is a salesman for the local New Holland dealer and was demo-ing in the area.

He needed to give it a try before to going customers, so he peeled off 20 acres in 30 minutes for me.

Much appreciated!

You can hardly see my (new-to-me) combine behind this beast.

 However, that combine is $400,000 where as mine was a mere $4,000.

Not even the interest for a year on that combine!!

Mine was a steal of a deal!!

With that price difference, I can buy a lot of fabric..
 alot of everything!!

So the samples of grain are in the mail and the marketing begins.

On a different note -

Arnold brought chinese food for supper last night and I got two fortunes in my cookie.

My take on this?

Yes  - that cruise in January is going to be AWESOME


I am right when I keep telling Arnold that his life is pretty darn good!!

I thought...oh they are all positive messages.

So I read Arnold's........

Too funny!!

I think I got the right cookie!!

Still giggling...



  1. Are you going on the Quilt Patch cruise?

    1. No...same area..same time... but I booked mine before they started putting theirs together! Maybe we bump into each other on the seas!


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