Saturday, August 18, 2012

Martini Time

I recently asked my guild to make a block from this Martini pattern so I thought I better try it out myself.

So yesterday - before swathing- I whipped this rendition up!

Martini glass...parasol extra

We are doing a special project that will come together in the next month or so.

Right in the middle of harvest, too!!

Watch for details...

And with all this dust in the air, we are all thinking a martini right now sounds refreshing!!

My husband has been on call all week so has not been able to help much so I sent him this picture yesterday so he could see what the crop was looking like.

And perfect harvest skies to boot!!

He texted back 'Beautiful Wheat'

I replied - I bet you say that to all the girl!!

It really is a nice crop considering how dry it has been.
Look at the dust....
What a switch up from last years flooding!!

These are for Shelby... an armchair ridealong..

So from the field to truck.... bin!!

Fill 'er up!!

Another day...some more dust....hope for no breakdowns!!



  1. I thought, she's having a martini already? Good subject line! Your wheat looks beautiful. Our farmers did get a great wheat crop this year, no weevils like last year. Many bales of straw were made too! The soybeans that were planted after the wheat are finally coming along. Cooler days and nights have helped. As long as we don't get an early fall/winter they should be OK. The corn is probably only at 75% of what is should be. Could have been worse. Enjoy you beautiful harvest days!

  2. Youre a better woman than me...I'll only combine!!

    1. Don't underestimate yourself!! You could do it and I wouldn't want to see your amazing straight swaths!!


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