Friday, August 24, 2012

The Simple Life

You know you have been in the tractor too long when you look forward to vacuuming!

The wheat and barley are in the bin.

Just flax left to swathe and combine.

My husband is home today so he is swathing for me.

This has given my an opportunity to bake some bread,

 do some laundry and make my bed...

which quite frankly...

I could crawl into right now!!

There is just something about a made bed that make your feel like your life is organized.

That and...

the sound of the dishwasher,washer and dryer running all at the same time!!

How blessed are we to be women of the 20th century.

With that said -

the timer is announcing my buns are ready for some peanut butter!!

Got to go and enjoy the rest of my day!!


  1. Looks yummy! I bought a new bread maker and am going to try and make sprouted bread. I'll let you know how is turns out via my blog!


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