Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Towards the Middle

This is a prime example why it is good to take a picture of your work and have a good look!!

I see that my tree needs some pruning...

 or should I say needs to grow some more leaves!!

This is my version of the Don't Look Now by Lilly Pilly .

I am using In The Beginning by Jason Yenter.

Our Martini Time is coming right along.

This Apple-Tini  is by Christine Marcotte.

Love the apple slice!

This is one arrived in the mail yesterday.

Our ghost member of our group
- Shelby Love -
 asked if she could participate and sent some extra limes if anyone needs one for their drink!!

 Shelby and her group from Regina,Saskatchewan are always keeping us in mind with donations of fabric,books, and anything else they think we could use.

Shelby came with us to International Quilt Festival in Chicago in 2011.
We did not know her well but it turned out to be the start of a great friendship.

One day at quilting, we were discussing what to do about some problem when one of the girls who has never met Shelby said 'What would Shelby do?'

Thus the Ghost Member - She is not at our gatherings in person but always there in spirit!!

Thanks for the great work on the Martinis!!

Cheers ~ Christa


  1. Replies
    1. It is in some definate need of pruning and shaping...but it is coming!!

  2. Love your tree. Hello to Shelby. We are enjoying the new chapter of our lives in Nova Scotia. Lots of quilters, some very traditional and others quite artistic.


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