Saturday, December 15, 2012

Birds on a Hot Tin Roof...

or a cold, snowy one??

They look like a chocolate chips on an iced cake.

Then I saw the TINIEST little tracks in the fresh snow....

 which I followed to discover a little mouse hole
to the feed bin!!

I guess we all need to eat!!

I finally sent my Fabric Fusion Quilt to Terry Whitman.

It was made in MARCH so it's about time!!

It takes three sizes and some white strips.

It is a great project to use scraps. All of this was from my scrap box.

I only omitted reds.

This is my Nickle Quilt for our Block Party Guild Challenge.

 As usual...awesome job on the ribbons... edge to edge!!

Another Christmas present ready!!

For about 5 years now, my son, Justin has been selling Gladiolas
The Loving Touch Florist in Estevan, Sasktachewan.

 And I have admired this arrangement every year,

when we have gone to thank them for another great year.

But this year.....

Justin brought it home for me!!!

It's the perfect addition to the newly completed runner!!

Thanks, Justin.. I love it!!

Christmas is in the air!!

Only ten days to go...better finish wrapping!


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