Friday, December 7, 2012

Block Marking Book

 We saw these handy little grid pin systems at Kenosee Retreat in November, 2012

You use them to mark your blocks when laid out and makes pieced them all together a breeze!!

Row A-  block 1,2,3....
Row B - block1,2,3....
(if I am not explaining myself well enough, just ask me!!)

I started with 4 - 5" charm square and 8 pieces  of 2"x2"of fusible batting.

Center the batting on the bottom half leaving a gap between them.

This allows for the 'pages' to bend later with less bulk.

Fold the Charm square in half and press.

I used 4 Charm squares per book.

 With decorative thread, I stitched along all sides of each 'page'.

When you have all the 'pages' stitched....

...layer the pages and stitch down the center of the 'spline' to make a book.

Be sure to place a ribbon on the center back when stitching the spline!!

Now you have a little book!!

Mark your flower head pins with A 1-10, B 1-10,C 1-10....

With a sharpee marker.

I used a 50 pin pack and did A to E.

Each page holds 10 pins of each letter.

And you have a great way to mark your blocks when laid out and makes sewing them together simple!!

(Row A, 1-10,Row B, 1-10....)

Happy Birthday, Terry!!

Hope you like it!!

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  1. I love this! I guess it goes on my "to do" list!

  2. We thought it was a great idea, too!! It's a fast project and uses bits of batting and spare charm squares! It takes all the guessing out of putting the quilt together.


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