Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Stocking and Martini Time

I need an extra stocking for Christmas


I have never tried this Foldy Stuff that Mom bought for me last year in Arizona .

So after (sort of..) reading the instructions, I decided to try making my own pattern.

I didn't want my stocking to be square so my log cabin is going to be a rectangle.

Here's hoping for the best!!

It's a little like paper piecing....but just a little.

You are supposed to put the pattern on muslin but for this piece I just did it on paper.

 Sew your strip with right sides together on the line.

Then fold it over to the next marking.

My strips are 2" so when folded it yields about 3/4".

I alternated my strips...

working around the log cabin rectangle.

This white strip is folded and ready for the next red strip.

Just keep working it around and around.

It's a first trial and error

.....quite a bit of error...

and no...

 I wasn't into the Martinis... yet!!

If you notice how the whites do not resonate straight out from each other up and down.

It is going to have to due for this year!!

Maybe I should have just tried it square!!

Our Christmas Party(more pics of the amazing meal) for Guild was lots of fun!!

The gift exchange ranged from  a BRICK of Belgian Chocolate...

to this cute apron made by Jane Marcotte.

After an amazing catered lunch, we rallied the troops
began putting our Martini Time Project together.

We are like a team off of Survivor...

no one wants to stand out as the leader but once we select the challenge....

we all get in the canoe and start paddling making great headway!!

 This quilt is off to Terry Whitman's  to be longarmed.

We are so lucky to have her in our guild!!!

I am impressed with how this turned out.

The only rules were a white background using the paper pieced Martini glass.

The rest was a wing and a prayer!!

We fly pretty well from the seat of our pants!!

Great job, Everyone!!


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