Friday, December 21, 2012

Garden Party in the Snow

I am not sure if the Mayan prophecy was wrong but the sun rose again!!

I am sure they meant 2112...

not 2012....

let's go with that as I still have alot of quilts I want to do!!

Isn't it good to see a picture with GREEN grass on the first day of Winter?

Pre-quilted top

I started this quilt in May,2012 after Shelby Love gave me a purple FQ pack for my birthday.

It is called Garden Party by Blackbird Designs.

You can read about the beginning of it's journey HERE and HERE.

I finally got this quilt to Terry Whitman so it could be quilted.

Against the snow, it doesn't look quite so white!!

Another mighty fine job by Terry....

It will definitely brighten up the room!!

Doesn't this tree just sing 'Christmas'?

Ignore the dog in the corner.

I swear Dawson is like a streak of lightening....

she is always running at the speed of light and shows up in every photo.

Only 4 days till Christmas

Better get cleaning!


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