Monday, December 31, 2012

Honey Bee Bag in Modern Vintage

I have loved this bag since I first saw it on Kristyne Czepuryk's  Pretty By Hand Blog.

I asked her if she had a pattern and the next week was the debute of her first official pattern!!

I had to have it!

I could see this in some Vintage Modern


 I just haaappppen to have a charm pack of!!

From this.....

to this!

Isn't it crazy how little fabric it takes and how much we have collected??

And yet we still don't have that perfect shade...

Quickly these hexies turn into stars.

This was a well written pattern with great pictures.

Love the cross hatching!

Even the handles were easy to make.

I always try to leave some selvage wording on every project.

It is history in the the stamp on the bottom of fine china.

I like the placement of this one!

The edges are bound for an interesting effect.

Although it doesn't call for one, I think I will put a zipper in it.

I love the finished project. I think this will be cute in StoneHenge!!

Thanks, Mom for the really cute cutting plate.

There will be snacks on this tonight!

While feeding the barn cats something caught my eye in the chicken coop window.

That window is pretty frost free!!

Looking more like a 'kitten' coop.

Let's hope the chickens and cats get along!

Here is to a creative and inspired 2013 to all!!

Hope to make it to Midnight!!

(and possibly... a kiss)



Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!