Friday, December 14, 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Especially when you  wake up to this!!
Any one have a spare zambonie??

One of my cattle pens is now a skating rink....

because of this little river..... a mini colorado river...

That flowed from a leak...

no.. more like a burst..... in the night from this watering bowl!!!

Winter, -22*C, and water DO NOT mix!!

I like to look at the brighter side of this situation...I didn't require a backhoe to fix it.
(that has happened in the past)

I warmed up by welded my vintage tree stand and got the our tree up.


I can convince 2 pieces of metal to melt together.

Never said it was 'pretty' but it holds.

Arnold gave me a plasma cutter for my 40th birthday.

 Not your typical woman's gift but I love to make holes in metal....

like our farm sign......

and signs I have made for others.

So you can only imagine my surprise when Terry and I stumbled on a showing of Joe Fafard's metalwork while in Regina,Sk yesterday!!

We had stopped to visit with Shelby Love and the Connecting Threads group at the Neil Balkwill Center.

As we were leaving these horses caught our eye!!!

The horses are running...

at the The Art Gallery of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan.

This is an exhibition of Joe Fafard:Cut-outs/Out-cuts

which will be showing from now till January 26,2013.

 They are lazer cut images from metal and painted in a powder coat.

The detail in each body of work is so intricate.

These roosters were about 2' tall and looked like real feathers!!

Some of the feathers were actual mini cutouts of chickens.

Look close...

Joe's attention to detail is amazing!!

I am not sure if it was the farm animal theme that caught our eye...

or because of the incredible workmanship!!

 These wolves were single dimension to 3D.

This light post was beautiful with all the birds stemming from the post itself.

It was awe inspiring and I recommend taking the time to go see this!!

It was a great start to a fun day!!

After a few quilt shop stops, 
it was off to the hospital to visit a quilting freind and prescribe some laughter.

We really challenged her stitches and am happy to report,
 she is on her way home today!! 

Laughter really is the best medicine!!


ps.don't get me wrong..
 my metalwork will never reach this kind of perfection but it sure gives me something to aspire to!!


  1. I,of course,love your tree stand. The art show was great - there are some amazing things out there - good for you for stopping to take it in.

    1. I knew you would love the stand! If you get a chance to see this exhibit it really is worth the time and entrance is donation! Incredible work!


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