Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lessons Learned from My Critters

The horses are coming!!


Walk with your head held high.

That's what come to mind every time I feed cows.

That's why 2 horses have total control of 50 cows.

I can't say they are pack leaders...more like prison guards!!
Kricket and Tundra come barrelling across the field with all their might.

Kricket likes to try to get Dawson...

They are always the first to check out the best hay.

The cows hang back to see which bale the horses don't want and head there.

They think they are protected behind the tractor!

This is the last cow to have a real name....


I know...I know!!

She is old enough to vote!!

She really thinks she is!! 

It's very hard to send a cow packing when you are on a first name basis with them.

From here on in, it is a prison number.

3 square meals(actually round) and all the water you can drink!!

With good behavior, your life can be pretty awesome here.

Do your time and then you are paroled.

But for Princess.. I think she is a lifer.

I know of harsher places to be doing your time!!


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