Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bull Power

On the home front everyone's good, even with the boss gone!
Winnie . . . Check
Duracell . . . Check
Dawson and the dogs . . . Check
And of course the 'girls' . . . check
All good, and only 5 more days . . . let hope it stays that way!
Since this is 'Second Story Quilting' lets see what I can muster up . . .
January 24th is 'Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day'. Be sure to check out what is at yours!

Mother doesn't have a local quilt shop; I guess you could consider it the U.S. Postal Service!
Shirley's Sewing Room has a jam packed day of classes, lunch, a movie
and since Shirley is turning '39' she's having 60% off selected fabric
If you stop by The Quilt Patch you can see what 'Jake' the WTF gift is up to!
And of course you can pop into Sew & Sew's in Carlyle
 and see what that dancing Bev is up to you just never know!
Well those are the 'local' shops! Now on to the bull power!
What lies around this corner?
Down this tree lined lane?

and past the garden shed?

My house and the boys home! Now don't worry this boys home isn't for troubled children
much rather the other half to the 'girls' you see so much of
Over the rails and beyond the barn you'll find the boys
Rosso, Bob, and Cruiser! I know, they have a hard life like all us men!
They work feverishly hard all winter keeping their figure up for the summer 'working' season
And of course a farm is not a farm with out horse or two!


 So now you know the 'girls' better half, after all it takes two to tango!



  1. Oh Justin! Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your lane. I love it! Thank you too for entertaining us while your Mom is gone. You are doing a great job!

  2. Thanks! I try but surely am not the real thing; She will be back on Monday with plenty of pictures and stories I am sure.


  3. Priceless, Justin. Your mom is a great blogger but you may have surpassed her.

    1. Well . . . they may just need to be few 'guest' blogs. Your blogs that mom has shown me from your trips are amazing! Who needs to travel just look at your pictorial tour!

      Thanks Brenda!


  4. I enjoyed the pictures of the farm and the snow covered trees. Looks like that here these days except we are all about hills. Great job Justin.

    1. They almost made my snowbird grandparents want to come back home!

  5. you make an awesome little mouse and your tracks are easy to follow, thanks for leaving wonderful tasty crumbs to read and view. Love the farm pictures, city girls can always dream.

    1. Justin did a great job keeping the posts going! Glad you enjoyed!!His farm is amazing with all the trees down the lane. Christmas card material for sure!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!