Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dominican Republic

Cueva de las Maravillas
(Cave of Miracles)

was our first stop in La Romana,Dominican.

We were not allowed to take pictures inside so this is all I got on our way out.

I don't think my sister-in-law was so impressed when we told her that the drops of 'water' 
were probably coming from the bats we saw hanging in all the little cavities.

But a little gueno never hurt anyone!!

The water has washed away the sand to reveal fossils of shells.

I am not sure why we think it is such a wonderful idea
 to go down into a hole that normally houses snakes, bats, rats,
and other biting poisinous creatures but we did.

It was interesting but I could not get my mind off of that little fact.

Taino Indians had painted drawings on the walls and many artifacts were found and on display.

One of the their beliefs was to cut your head off to let out your spirit when you died.

If you were a Cacique(chief),
 the custom was to bury his favorite wife ALIVE beside him.

No worries for me...
I probably would have been murdered or sacrificed long before then!

The only words in Spanish I knew before this trip were 'no comprendo'

but I quickly picked up on this one!!

My first reaction was...

What?? no lid?

but then realized it was better than that bucket....

or backing up to one of these little bushes!!

Our guide's name was Miguel and said we were his family for the day.

But when the bus started rolling away from the caves I noticed Bill was not on.

Bill was still in the Banos and we almost left 'family' behind!!

We went to a bartering market where this iron bull 

and horse were made from scraps of metal.

An artisan was carving these parrots out of wood and painted them.

They looked so real.

I loved the colors of their paintings.

The man said 80US$ but I didn't want to haul it home so I said no.

He asked how much WOULD I pay....

so I said 30US$??

Next thing you know, he tore it off the frame and rolled it up for me.

I bought one with the ladies in white, red and black.

It was another fun day!!




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    1. The world is an amazing place!! Pure white here but color is not that far away!!


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