Wednesday, January 16, 2013

florida update

Take heed...this is being posted with a drained brain!!
Animal Kingdom and Epcot.....
on the same day......
And a computer with poor wifi but I am trying!!
it is a good thing I have a very good sense of humour to see the sunnier side of my life.
To start with our hotel had no power so we had to find a new hotel in Minot.
But that was ok as we found a really nice new place to stay
In Minneapolis, we ate at a restaurant that you ordered on an ipad and the waiter just brought it out.
Justin ordered an 'Arnie' as he called it...
otherwise know as an Arnold Palmer-lemonade and iced tea together.
Sorry about the orientation...Wilson in the house!!
We landed in Minneapolis and reloaded to fly to Orlando when the plane had some fuel door issue.
Two hours on the tarmack and the problem was fixed.

Once in Orlando, we were dropped off at the wrong hotel for a mere 90 buckaroos.
We were informed it was quicker to walk than call a cab so we hoofed it down the Florida Turnpike in our true farmer style dragging our luggage in winter attire.
I was laughing so hard I was almost crying. I am surprised we did not cause an accident.

Only a mile.

At Animal Kingdom,not only were the signs in leopard print...


So were these people!!
Despite the 'challenges' it has been a great time.
I will take +28 over minus  anything anytime!!
We have seen a lot of our sparrows and doves having a great vacation down here.

Our oldest, Jeremy wouldn't come so we took him with us.
He has been spotted here and there.
Shades and all!!

He wanted his face painted today at Epcot but we didn't have time.
Tomorrow,we are going to Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral.
Our feet need a rest.
Let's hope that GPS works well or that could be a whole new post in itself!!
Sun and Sand
ps.sure hope this posts when I hit post!!


  1. It posted. Glad you are having a good time despite everything. The farm is fine so no worries there. Enjoy the warm weather for us.

    1. Thanks for looking after the critters!! Loving the great weather. Let's hope for some smooth sailing driving around the beaches today!!

  2. HI Christa. Great to hear from you!

    1. How do you like that for a great start to an adventure!!i better your glad you don't travel with me!!!

  3. Have a great holiday! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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