Friday, January 18, 2013

Magic Kingdom

It was off to the Magic Kingdom today!!

It was a cold and rainy day but can't complain...I know where it is colder!!

We took the ferry across to the magic castle.

Where the adventure began for us...
Arnold and Jeremy went on the nascar together.

We found that there were way too many crying kids at this Kingdom so we decided to head back to  OUR favorite place -
EPCOT....for the third time!!
We went looking for the Canada exhibit only to find it hidden deep in a cavern.
What is with that???


We snacked on the most expensive cookie we have ever eaten!!
This was the Inuit display......

Good thing Justin has long arms to boost Jeremy up to his spot!!
We had lunch at the France Exhibit
Some raisin bread with a variety of cheeses and grapes....

I loved Morocco!!!
All the tile work reminded me of quilts!!

Watch for something like this in one of my quilts
in the upcoming year!!

The colors were amazing!!

These pictures don't do the pattern justice!!

The English garden reminded me of Colleen Marcotte.

Japan Exhibit really made us laugh with these socks.

Two toed or five!!
I guess I could have bought a pair of the two toed ones for Arnold and his sandals!!

Doesn't this sign look like it says

It was over the door at Japan and we thought it probably said Welcome
I will have to look up my name in Japanese one of these days.

This was quite the combination of food offerings.... 
Turkey legs AND popcorn....who knew!!

Between the incredible food and the 2 for 1 drinks.
Who knew I would love margaritas soooo much!!

I truly could use a little sea sickness this week!!
The world is an amazing place.
So this will be the last time you will here from me for at least a week....
Tomorrow we hit Miami and then cruise the Caribbean for a week.
 The Kids(including Jeremy) are homeward bound tomorrow.
It was a lot of fun!!
I have an amazing life to have the opportunities I have been blessed to experience.
Till next week




  1. Really enjoyed the post!! Yes I would have loved the English garden! And I can think of several guys that could use the 2 toed socks. Enjoy your cruise!

  2. You are all having a wonderful time! I can tell by the beautiful pictures. I'd give my right foot for a pair of those two toed socks!!
    Continue to enjoy the warm weather and each others company.

  3. I would have gotten you a pair had I known! Cruising time!!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!