Thursday, January 31, 2013

San Juan, Puerto Rico

In San Juan

 we decided to let Bill be tour guide.

  It was up the hill or MOUNTAIN for we flatlanders...

to Fort Cristobal.

It always astounds me at the ability of mankind to create such monumental achievements.

The Fort makes our ship look like a yacht.

It is crazy to think that my 'ride' is sitting in port while I explore the day away.

How can one country be so advanced when one just down the way is still 2nd or 3rd world?

For a moment,
 I thought I was in Scotland looking through the cannon slots.

Either people were skinnier back then or this is a one way street!

Can you imagine trying to load one of these balls?

Such grand structures and great detail.

Again... the COLORS!!

Loved all the wrought iron rails...could be France for all I know!!

This was the back alley and it was still beautiful!!

Even the Coke truck was colorful.

Why is white the acceptable color in Saskatchewan?

We have 6 months of snow...

Do we really need to make our houses blend in too?
Even the streets of  cobblestone were a beautiful grey-blue color.

We sat at an outdoor cafe for some re hydration where these pigeons were looking for some treats.

Next thing you know....along come a 'white' guy!!

This is kind of how we felt in all of these countries.

It was farewell to Puerto Rico.

I think we will be back someday.

It was an amazing place!!

Next stop....Grand Turk!!

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  1. thanks for Sharing Christa looks like a relaxed exploring vacation
    looking forward to more
    Love Kim

    1. Thanks, Auntie Kim!! You should have come with us!!

  2. Once again, thank you for the beautiful pictures! I feel like I'm on vacation too! I agree with you on the colors. Why do we have to be so traditional? Maybe Justin will have something colorfully painted before you get home!!! Yikes!!

  3. Its beautiful there, nothing like I would imagine in my head.


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