Sunday, January 20, 2013

Squeak Squeak!

It's Christa's turn to be invaded! Call the exterminator;
this mouse is about to have fun!
I'm not sure if you recall but Tracey from Block Party Quilt Guild went
on a cruise and while she was away, Christa played
take a look!
Justin's the mouse this time!
Yesterday was a morning of basking in the sunshine
Although Christa's vaca' will last another week reality has hit me.

I was welcomed home to
truly Saskatchewan -40C windchilled Sundogs!
I can't complain; Florida may be warm and the water flowing
but I wouldn't use the word 'fresh' to describe it (although the picture says otherwise)
Mother was very concerned about all you readers being left with out posts
so I am sure she will be okay when she finds out she has been hacked
(literally; I had to change her password to get on here!)
So as the sun sets over these crisp, clean, and fresh (very fresh!)
Saskatchewan skies I am off to prepare for work.
Another day another dollar.
P.S. As Christa would say; She's never known a mouse that didn't leave tracks
< :3  )~      x-    ^-    x-    ^-   x-
( this one has a bad limp from a few too many miles of walking at Disney )


  1. Thanks for the update, Mr. Mouse. Great picture of the sundogs!

  2. Way to go, Justin! I love the sun pictures...can that really be the same sun in both places???


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