Friday, January 11, 2013

Sun and Sand

I can't wait!!!!

I am so excited to put my toes in water.....

and my @$$ in the sand..

Not a worry in the world,

just a beer.....I mean my hand!!!!

That song is now trapped in my head!!

It is an incredible world we live in to be able to be here in the morning...

and here or...
Yup.... Arnold!!
 here in the afternoon on the same day!

Cozumel 2010
 (   ~disclaimer~  otherwise known as the fine print...   )
(provided the weather is permitting flight my toes and fingers are crossed while typing)

I never knew I loved the ocean so much until we went on a cruise a couple years ago.

The first thing in my suitcase this time was my snorkel and mask.

Me - Grand Cayman 2010
This is the closest you will get to seeing me in a bathing suit.

I tried on my bathing suit...and yes .. there will be many fish scared for their lives.

They will be going to see if one of the whales was lost from the pod!!!

I am not nearly as courageous and valiant as Shelley from the Quilt Patch!!

She is an incredibly brave woman!!!

More power to her.. you go girl!!!

There is nothing more relaxing than floating in the warm, blue waters,

the sun shining on your face,

and see that big honking cruise ship in the distance quietly waiting for....


Life can be so surreal!!

Especially on a blizzardy day like today!!

So for now, I will finish packing and maybe sneak in a stitch or two!!

Florida.. here we come!!



  1. Replies
    1. I am sure I will!! It's all in your attitude before you even leave home!!

  2. Kiss the ocean for me, I'm a transplanted California girl who hates that the beach doesn't come to Missouri. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Becky!! I will definitely do that for you!


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