Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Spoked Wheel

When my Grandma passed away,

I sat at the funeral so impressed at the power this little AMAZING woman posessed

 to bring so many people together.

Dad,Grandma Cyr and Mom

That's when I realized she was our HUB.

She was the center of our spoked wheel and each of her kids (my uncles and aunts) were the 10 spokes.

 Each spoke created the rim with their own kids and families.

My spokes and rim -Larissa, Dad,Mom,Tannis and myself

Together this wheel has made tracks on the road of life.

After Grandma passed, the well oiled hub started to get a little rusty.

The spokes and the rim still held together but didn't venture out as far anymore.

This week, our wheel lost it's first spoke 

My Uncle Leo

Aunt Pearl and Uncle Leo

He was a strong and mighty spoke.

He lived a rich full life and has created his own smaller spoked wheels.

The spokes on our wheel have all done their job to hold the hub and the rim together.

But as each spoke begins to go, the parts start to fall away.

Before you know it,

all the parts are reassembled to make new smaller wheels that  begin to travel different roads. 

As the smaller wheels roll through life,their paths cross less often. 

For now our spoked wheel will continue to roll through life


with a little click on the road where the circle is no longer round.

Till we meet again....at a fork in the road,


My spoked wheel has rolled through life on a very smooth road.
 There has been the odd bump but no major repairs needed. There are alot of broken wheels out there, who get bogged down in the mud or stuck in a rut they just can't seem to get out of.
I have been blessed with a hub that made some very sturdy spokes for all of the rim to connect to.
As the new wheels are constructed, it is up to us to make sure we choose our roads wisely. Look at the Map of Life and see where it is you want to go.
The highway is fast and steady but sometimes it's good to take the path less travelled!!



  1. Oh my this is so beutiful.
    Thank you. My Dad would have loved this.


    1. I am very sad for you and your family. I can only imagine how much you will miss your dad. we all will miss him a lot. BIG HUGS

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Who's blog did you steal this from??? You really have a talent with words! Very well said, Christa. See you tomorrow.

    1. This is my Uncle we talked about the other day. He was at his home in Winnipeg when he passed away this week. So sad for his family. He will missed

  3. I think that he was the uncle that you were just recently talking about. Right? He has a house overseas??

  4. Hi Christa, I recognized the picture of your Grandma at the top of your post. I didn't realize she was your Grandma, I worked at the Special Care home when she was there. Your description of her as little and amazing held true till the end of her days, even to those of us who only knew her as care givers. I have a funny story to tell you about her but it's probably best not related here. Her memory brings a smile to my face.

  5. I look forward to hearing your story,Jaynie! ! Grandma was such a feisty little firecracker and I just loved all the time I spent with her. She was a cheerful, fun loving lady right to the end .
    It is comforting to know that she was cared for by you! She was in good hands!

  6. Loved this. What a great way to describe the importance of family.

  7. Your and your family have my sympathy. God be with you as you mourn.


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