Friday, January 25, 2013

Western Seducer

Amongst the numerous daily activities of looking after the farm I have exited the 
post office three consecutive days with a post office box stuffed full of mail under my arm.
Two weeks of mail in 3 days; not too bad!
Buried in the monstrosity of flyers and bills was a parcel card
addressed to mom. OH more fabric I thought.
Instead the post mistress literally tossed this package my way.
I was rather intrigued as I headed back to the truck.
Upon further inspection I didn't recognize whether the sender was a person or company
This was the last straw

After the FRAGILE Handle with care contains LOVE sticker
I had to crack the box to find enclosed . . .
My curiosity is still looking! Is that what love really looks like??
Christa will have some explaining to do when she comes home!
What else did that postal box enclose?
Since it was Thursday last night the prized Western Producer
Or the Western SEDUCER as us farmers like to call it.
Why such a title? This 80+ page weekly farmer newspaper is filled full of
chemical and fertilizer propaganda, farm stories and advice, and of course classifieds.
After reading this you just never know what crazy purchases you will make or ideas you might get.
Like deciding to grow a few thousand of these
Gladiola's! I read a story when I was 13 about a lady in Manitoba that grew and sold them
and thought hmmm why can't I do that! So I ordered 1000 that year and convinced my sister
to drive me to farmers market, after all that else would she have to do at 6:00 am on a Saturday.
Unfortunately it went well; too well and soon these flowers found there way into local business's front desks, nursing homes, & professionally arrange by none other than A Loving Touch florist!
1000 led to 3000 and then 7000, the addition of vegetables and a whole lot of labour.
I don't go to farmers market since I work full time, instead I offer a Vegetable CSA
and sell the glads directly to customers, local businesses, as well as A Loving Touch.
 These all seem like good ideas on days like this
It may seem crazy but its that time of year to order and plan for the year ahead,
I think I will stick with 2000 glads this year, but how about a few thousand strawberries?
Dang newspaper!
Looking forward to the dog days of summer!
For now pictures like these will have to suffice
P.S. for all you who wonder, mom really does do all the farming!
Just look who subscribes to The Seducer!


  1. Interesting box...can't wait to look that over!! Feels like summer in Miami!! hope to be home tomorrow!!

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