Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 1....NYC

(insert 'Law &Order' duh.duh sound here)

We are alive!

Arrived safe and sound...

But the country bumpkins we are..

Couldn't figure out how to open the drawer to use the safe in the room

Called an attendant.....

Pull the drawer really hard!!  

We laughed for an hour at our stupidity!!

Then we hit the streets...

Decided to load all 4 of us in a rickshaw....

Not a good idea..

.went 4 blocks and demanded to be let off before being killed by traffic!!

Then the guy says that will be 15$.... Per person!!!!

60$??? For 4 blocks???

Tannis said NOOOO We aren't paying you that.....

We gave him 40 and ran!!

A cab would have been 5 bucks!!!

Today...we plan to hit the streets with our eyes WIDE open!!


  1. Enjoy every minute of your adventure ... love that city!

  2. So funny. My husband and I have traveled some and for some reason NYC terrifies us. We have been to several countries where we don't speak the language but not NYC. Mabe some day.


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