Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 2...NCY

(insert....The Heat Is On music here)

 +34 C, pure pavement,
sitting on the top of a Double decker bus riding through the boroughs

Made for a interesting day!!

We saw Central Park, Times Square, Empire State Building
even a glimmer of the Statue of Liberty

Plan to get up close and personal with her today!

Going to need to stay hydrated which I must say was not too much of a problem for us yesterday

We managed to find some icy cold margaritas that bit the spot!!!

This morning.....

The Garment District

Let the fabric unroll....


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  1. Would not enjoy that heat as I`ve been there and done that in NYC but I hope you have a terrific time in the fabric shops of the District. Even without buying, the window shopping is fabulous and there were a couple of notions shops that I had a blast in with zippers, buttons and trims. Have fun!


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