Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Fun

WHERE do the days go??
Not only is it Friday but the 7th of June!!
The sixth month.....
Christmas is coming and summer hasn't even arrived yet!!
I asked Arnold what he thought we might be doing this summer
we weren't RENO-ING for the 5th summer in row?
Walking with the Buffalo again...

Checking out the amazing colors of the painted pots...

Steaming by the geysers....

No... Not this year...
It's a 'Build a garage' year for us!!
I know we will appreciate that we did it while we could still bend our bodies
the rebar!!
So hold off rain....
We pour cement on Monday!!


  1. Yes, Yellowstone is so much more fun that building a garage, but the garage will always be useful - and Yellowstone will always be there when you can get there! Take heart, there's another June coming next year LOL!

  2. Glacier ... closer ... cheaper ... fantastic! Maybe you can have your garage and a visit to a great American national park.


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