Friday, June 14, 2013

The Happy Nun in Forget, Saskatchewan

Last night,
we had the pleasure of attending the AGM
This is a board that Justin serves on for Economic Development in our area.
It has come full circle as Justin had won  'Young Entreprenuer'  through Community Futures for his business, Organic Farmer Boy and is now a board member.
The Happy Nun hosted this event.
This is a little treasure in Forget, Saskatchewan...
The Happy Nun is a jazzy, wholesome place with great atmosphere.

For a little history on Forget and how it got it name click HERE.

They cook local, organic delicious food and host Bluegrass, Jazz, and Open Mic nights on weekends.

They serve interesting and unique food like this ginger beer and rhubarb cider.

The owners have incredible vision to take things and make them works of art.

The ambiance is so warm and relaxing yet fun!
Fireflies in a mason jar.....

We were entertained by Binder Twine and the Balers.
I am not much for Bluegrass but these guys were amazing.
Please excuse the poor video but listen to the music....
It was like going to a Statefair and hearing the downhome country music.
They were incredible musicians!!
If you ever get a chance be sure to call ahead and make a reservation!!
The Happy Nun is a unique experience!!

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  1. Tell Justin "Congratulations" on the win and on being a board member.


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