Friday, December 6, 2013

Holy Deep Freeze!!

Have you ever seen a FULL sundog??
Just when you think it can't possibly get colder...
It is -40C with the windchill...Yikes!!!

It's a beautiful sight but you know it's cold when you see that!!
 I ventured to Carlyle and Arcola, Sask. to pick up my hired man...
The quad...
After a brief stay at the Artic Cat Hospital, he's all good to go again!!

My quad is my hired hand, pulling augers, winching things into place, chasing cows, carrying heavy loads.
 It worked as hard as I did this summer!
He deserved a rest!
I have tried to visit this store quite a few times
 it is always closed when I come through...

Probably a good thing!!
That is where my treadle sewing machine came from...
So it's just a tease through the window today!
The buildings in Arcola have such history...


I am not sure what this building was originally but now it's 'Buddy's Bar'...

I can envision the horse and buggies backed up at the unloading dock...

Buildings were constructed with such character back then....

Wouldn't this little building be a great quilt store??
Talking about quilting....
QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Kaffe is Star Struck
It is Scrap Squad Friday hosted by Rebecca Ball with her version of Star Search
QMMP 131200 stars 450 QM Scrap Squad: Kaffe is Star Struck
Original Version of Star Search
 calls 'Kaffe is Star Struck'
IMG 3234 QM Scrap Squad: Kaffe is Star Struck
Be sure to hop on over to Quiltmaker's Blog
learn more about her process in making this quilt.
I love how Rebecca has echoed the circular pattern from the border onto the stars!
Stay warm...
It can't get colder....
Can it?!!?!


  1. I've experienced that cold a couple of times in my life, thank heaven for warm coats and mittens! Lovely quilt! And I agree - that building should be a quilt shop, the only place for quilt shops is in historic buildings, isn't it?!

  2. The first building was the town hall and the second was the drug store when I was a kid in Arcola. Both are seen in the movie "Who Has Seen the Wind" along with a few relatives that served as extras.

  3. Well if Torquay had a building that looked like that, we would have a quilt store!!!


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