Sunday, December 29, 2013

Passport to a New Year....

I love the colors of winter but not the frigid cold!!
So it's no surprise when I pulled out a few sheets of paper... 
to make a needed a last minute gift card holder....

That I chose the color of the winter skies!!

There are some AMAZING instructions on the internet for origami
What did we ever do without such a resource??
With  Christmas all unwrapped....

I have to confess I was beyond spoiled by my family!!
These bali crackers were supposed to be for mom but she gave them to me!!
Last time we shop for fabric together.....MOOOOM!!

Justin stumbled on this book on a Quilting Business
Funny how you find things when you aren't looking for them
I wonder if this book will help me figure out how to produce a pattern for sale??

These chocolates look too beautiful to crack into(thank goodness)...
Staying strong so far!!!
Arnold and the kids gave me a new Pfaff Passport to take to retreats and guild
I was raving way too much about Maryann's recent purchase of the same machine!!
Guess I liked it...

I soooo don't deserve this little treasure!!
Thank you so much Arnold, Jeremy, Chantel and Justin!!
You spoil me!!

I have been testing it out on a mess of flannel flying geese!

I look forward to the world of possibilities my Passport 2.0 will provide in the coming years!!
Stay warm,

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