Friday, January 31, 2014

Retreat 2014

Its another typical Saskatchewan day,
Cold and windy
But if you dress for it, there's no problem.
That's why I found a project for Christa to complete
Next weekend at retreat.
If we need bundling up surely they do too!
Stay tuned . : . There may be a new business ' Calf Cozies by Christa'
My friends feel this would be my mom.

Stay warm out there!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kids and Quilts??

I've been doing some cleaning.
Trust me, I've tried leaving it for a few more months
But it couldn't wait for 'spring cleaning'
I found a few things. Of which I knew I had but just where.
One of which is a lil' piece of history.
Its not much, definitely used, EXTREMELY used to be exact.
Mom doesn't, er um didn't know I kept it.
She said to toss it but just imagine
If that ragged & tag along piece of fabric could talk.
Would it speak of the  many forts created?
The thunder storms and blizzards it has survived.
Or the many stairs it navigated
Would it be proud of the ten pound it lost
Or the days of a fresh wash & flapping dry on the line
Eagerly awaiting the next nights' adventures.
None the less it has grown up like its owner,
The day of forts, afternoon naps, and early night mischief are over.
Maybe when we both retire we can resume our careless and spontaneous adventures
The kind that will always be remembered.
Speaking of kids . : . : . : . This made me laugh.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hacked 2.0

Well its that time of year again
when you get to hear from your favorite guest blogger.
If mom wasn't on her warm weather rendezvous
what would she be doing?
Road trip of course cause we never stay home!

5 O'clock Tuesday morning
Tim, Jolly and Myself hit the road
It was time to head to Brandon for Manitoba Ag Days
Canada's Largest Indoor Farm Show
Over 540 Thousand square feet dominated 
 by 500+ enticing exhibitors
Nothing sets the tone to the show than being greeted by
550 Horse Power on Tracks
This beauty boasts over 85 square feet of glass!
Remember the crank machine on the tractor buddy seat video?
Well this tractor trumps that!
Go get that treadle up on in there and still have room for the grandkids!
Mom would have been all over this!

Technically a very small grain vac but imagine what it could do in your house!
Portable, self contained 25 hsp Honda with 4" pure suction.
You wouldn't even need to dust!
Following the show a quick drive through Brandon

I would go to university with building like this!

It was soon time to hit the blizzardy road home via Souris MB
It may have been cold but they had warm spirited plans!

Don't forget your masks!

Just imagine it in Hoffman Challenge 2014 fabric

to match that handbag.

Any one up for a road trip?


Friday, January 24, 2014

It's a Beautiful Life

Most people who know me would say I live life to the fullest 

Some people have said it looks like I have the perfect life

But I think I make my life what it is 

It is far from perfect

I have tragedy in my life all the time.

In the last couple of weeks, my dog, Elliot was run over
 I killed Winny when I closed the garage door

Got to say, I cried for a week after Winny...still makes me tear 

I think I have VERY good intuition and I follow what my gut tells me.

So last night(we are in Florida), our 'neighbors' in this hotel had a lot of ......

Let's say....unusual activity. They were opening their safe a zillion times all night 

Late night visitors.

That sparked me to book a new hotel for today!

I have tried to talk myself out of this 'silliness' but my gut is saying GO NOW!

So to prevent the possibility of being a character on the next CSI..

We will be on an adventure to a new hotel.

My life is not perfect..
.I am handed a lot more lemons than you'll ever know


I do drink a lot of lemonade!!

Staying safe


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Canada Tote Bag

Doesn't that smile just start the day off on the right note??
Jaxon is growing like a weed....
ok... more like a tree...weeds are bad....
He is such a good grandbaby!!
On to my third tote bag.....
I thought I would make this one for my sister,
Larissa who is going to ENGLAND!!
I love everything Stonehenge and this Canada fabric is beautiful!!

I love the panel representing all parts of our country...

They will know where she is from on first glance!!

Hope she has an amazing trip!!
It's her first BIG excrusion out of the country!!
Love yah, Sis!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Possible Olympic Curlers??


My son, Justin asked me if I could make his curling team
 some pants like the Norwegian Team wear.
Sure... when do you need them?
We have very limited resources for fabric around here
 I sent him to Walmart for a set of sheets and some curtains...
These were the sheets....
Kind of sounds like Gone With the Wind, doesn't it?
The yellow/green stripe is the curtain....
And VOILA!!!
3 hours
 one smoking hot sewing machine later....

Their olympic dreams were ready to be achieved!!

Knud,Kenny,Candace and Justin
I think their intention was to put their opponents into a trance...
Candace sporting her TRENDING outfit!
The only thing they won was the Best dressed Team!!
Sounds like it was a good time!!
Arnold and I are going on a cruise so I thought I would give this pattern a try.
It makes a tote that turns into a duffle bag.
I can't find anything on the internet about the pattern
it is called the WOW! bag by The Dusty Attic

I was using two pieces of canvas
 it became too heavy so I started again lining each with a lighter fabric

I used Pure by Sweetwater for Moda
I love the browns and blue(of course)
Isn't this the cutest little tag.. ps.i love you...
That was one of my NYC purchases!

You pull out the center of the tote to make it a duffle bag...
How cool is that!!
Now my only problem is.....

Which one to take???

Got to get packing!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Scrap Squad Friday

Today is Scrap Squad Friday
QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Annes Sew Many Scraps!
Another version of Oh Sew Blue by Judy Laquidara
Oh, Sew Blue!
Anne Wiens of Seams like a Plan Blog had each of the Scrappers sign a square of fabric
Anne used each of our squares as the center of her blocks
 to make this Scrap Squad Quilt
 into a memory quilt for our last assignment!!
GEDC1716 768x1024 QM Scrap Squad: Annes Sew Many Scraps!
What a great plan, Anne!!
Great job!
Be sure to head on over to The Quiltmaker blog to read about Anne's creative process!!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Year with Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

I can't believe it's been a year

since I signed up for my Scrap Squad position

QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

with Quiltmaker magazine

This post marks the end of my stint
Scrap Squad 1

As a member of Quiltmaker's Scrap Squad 2013
Scrap Squad 2
with an amazing group of 7 other Scrappers

Scrap Squad 3

Oh,the possibilities that were created by

Scrap Squad 4

 these incredibly creative quilters....
Scrap Squad 5
It was an enjoyable year to get to know my new quilting friends from all over the States.
(I was the only Canadian...hope I didn't embarrass my fellow Canadians too badly!!) 

Scrap Squad 6 - Oh Sew Blue..Gone Batik!

We proved that you can take any pattern and make it your own with just a little thinking!!
My last quilt is Oh So Blue by Judy Laquidara ......

 But mine has gone BATIK!

I decided to make this one with my favorite fabric as a tribute
 a keeper in memory of my experience!

It is crazy to think how a pile of cut up fabric ....

can lead to meeting new friends....

learning new skills....
 like my NEW favorite way to bind quilts.....

with Susie's Magic Binding technique as shown HERE
(I think of you every quilt, Marti!!)
 I am lucky enough to have
one of THE BEST Longarmer's in the quilting world...

as my BFF, Terry Whitman

(she doesn't have a website YEEET...but I can link you up... just leave me a message)

To think, I showed Terry how to thread a sewing machine.... she has far surpassed me!!

Her quilts are as stunning and intricate as her quilting is!!

Terry,left...showing her quilt

and the back....

Ombres jellyroll as a back
If this is your first time here, I hope you will stop in again!!

My therapy group of quilters are called The Block Party

There are 10 of us who meet twice a month to sew and council each other.

Hop on over to sometime!

To read more about the making of my last SS Quilt, click HERE!!
Be sure to enter the giveaway there!!
Thanks to Quiltmaker Magazine for choosing me!!

I appreciated the opportunity!!